Gloria McDonough-Taub

Senior Editor

Gloria McDonough-Taub is the senior editor of blogs at CNBC.com and the author of the network's blog, "Bullish on Books." She reviews the books that come in to CNBC and works with the shows to decide which author has a good enough story to be featured on our site or on our air. McDonough-Taub has nearly 30 years of TV experience including local and national news, documentaries, talk shows and syndication. She's interviewed presidents, pundits, and pampered princesses. Now she just wants to kick back and read a good book.


  • The Age of Turbulence - By Alan Greenspan

    This fall promises to be incredibly busy with the publications of some highly anticipated books that will surely become must reads.

  • Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office - by Russ Edelman

    Nice guys are perceived as wusses – unable to make tough decisions, the so-called corporate doormats – not the type of person you want running a division much less an entire company. But maybe it’s time to start rethinking our beliefs about nice guys.

  • Michael Phelps

    Agents and publicists are promising the book will reveal the secrets of Phelps’ success and go behind the scenes of his approach to training, competition, and winning.