Best Trades Now: Financials, Medical Suppliers & More

Brooke Sopelsa,|Video Producer
Monday, 14 Jul 2008 | 3:16 PM ET

To give investors an edge in this volatile market environment, CNBC asked the experts for their best trades now.

Playing Earnings Whispers
A look at what investors are expecting from upcoming earnings, with John Scherr, co-founder of WhisperNumber.com

Playing Whisper Numbers

"They’re [Harley Davidson ] what we consider a ten-day earnings reactor, meaning within ten days we’re going to see the most price movement for this company… Textron is also a company that reports on the 17th, which is this week. They’re a 20-day reactor so within 20 days when they beat the whisper number we’re expecting a 6.8 percent price move, but when they miss it, a 0 percent move. So there’s no downside… Google is what we call a high risk momentum reactor.”

- John Scherr, WhisperNumber.com founder

Sector Spotlight: Medical Supplies
A solid place to put your money might be medical supply companies, says Bruce Nudell, UBS senior research analyst

Sector Spotlight: Medical Supplies

“We really love the orthopedic market right now. It’s got about, in the United States, about five points of unit growth. Hospitals are making a lot of money on these procedures…So this should be a high single-digit market for the long term.

- Bruce Nudell, UBS Senior Research Analyst

Zimmer , Stryker, Abbott, Smith & Nephew , Johnson & Johnson , Medtronic

Market Pulse Check
Investment strategies for the current market conditions, with Joe Clark, Financial Enhancement Group and Brian Gendreau, ING Investment

'Good to Go' Financials

"Get out of utilities, buy MasterCard and Visa, the consumers are good to go, and don't forget about Brazil."

- Joe Clark, Financial Enhancement Group

Clark also likes: Volt Information Sciences

Market Mavens
Where to put your money now, with Eric Nelson, Burns Advisory Group and Eugene Peroni, Advisors Asset Management

Thinking Small

“Smaller more value-oriented stocks tend to be a little bit more economically sensitive. They actually started to head down last summer. And just like they led us down, I think they will start to lead us to positive territory as soon as this recover begins.”

- Eric Nelson, Burns Advisory Group Chief Investment Strategist

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