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Weird Day When My Mother Asks About Tattoo Removals

Three signs that things are a little weird with the stock market:

1) National Cityhalts trading in its stock midday to announce that...nothing is happening. Really. They are not seeing any unusual depositor activity. That was it.

2) Wachovia Banknow has a market cap of $21.4 billion. That is well below the $25 billion price they paid for Golden West in 2006. And remember, they also paid $6.8 billion for AG Edwards, in 2007. So Wachovia has paid nearly $32 billion in the last two years for two big purchases, and the combined company is now worth $21.4 billion.

3) My mother writes the following note to me:

"Dear Robert,
Just received my quarterly statement, and was that sad... Found the name of a stock I was interested in called Palomar Chemicals, supposed to help removed tattoos.
Love, Mom"

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