Least Likely To Succeed Millionaires

Your Playbook
Have you ever felt like your chances for success were stacked against you? Ever been told you were a loser and will never make it big? Tonight, we show you how to turn it all around and show you how no matter the odds, you can truly make it big! Your playbook starts here.

How To Reinvent Yourself
We all want to go to that next level. But no matter where you are in life there's a label following you around. But there's a way to shake the label and reinvent yourself.

Becoming Most Likely To Succeed
Do you need to get an edge for success? We've shown you how you can find success in the worst situations, but what can you do to increase your chances of success and become most likely to succeed?

Least Likely To Succeed Millionaires
Sometimes no matter how much desire you have to reinvent yourself, you still run into the brick wall of people telling you NO. But those NOs can be your inspiration for even greater ambition... and lead you to a million dollar break-through.

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The Big Network is your first stop on the road to the American Dream. The Big Idea is quickly becoming the epicenter for success in America today, and here's your chance to become a part of it!