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What Financial Stocks Are Shorted the Most?

From mid-July to late July short interest dropped 5.34 percent, on average, in the shares of 17 major financial firms affected by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission emergency short-selling rule, according to the latest data from the exchange.

U.S. securities regulators issued an emergency rule last month to limit illegal "naked" short selling in shares of 19 major financial firms, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac .

While the rule is set to expire on Tuesday, data Monday from the New York Stock Exchange revealed the change in short interest in 17 of these stocks since the rule went in to effect.

The data, below, compares short interest figures from July 31 to July 15.

StockJuly 31July 15% Change
Freddie Mac 119,388,354 105,969,929 12.66
Fannie Mae 146,455,461 154,430,053 -5.16
Bank of America 125,039,172 136,885,083 -8.65
Morgan Stanley 43,130,415 47,139,717 -8.51
Citigroup151,513,897 158,620,361 -4.48
Goldman Sachs 12,450,836 15,050,185 -17.27
JPMorgan 48,849,725 56,841,902 -14.06
Lehman Brothers 82,087,766 85,322,267 -3.79
Merrill Lynch 54,890,344 63,532,112 -13.60
Barclays 6,043,120 6,289,182 -3.91
Credit Suisse 1,276,785 1,696,952 -24.76
Deutsche Bank 2,498,983 3,052,990 -18.15
Allianz 663,455 1,303,027 -49.08
Royal Bank ADS 4,146,821 5,961,925 -30.44
HSBC Holdings 8,417,827 8,436,680 -0.22
Mizuho Financial 306,287 1,465,347 -79.1
UBS14,338,459 15,876,523 -9.69

Source: NYSE Data
Shares of Daiwa Securities and BNP Paribas are not listed on the NYSE, so short interest figures were not available.

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