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Introducing Olympic High Jumper--Blanka Vlasic

Blanka Vlasic
Source: Elmundo.es
Blanka Vlasic

Here in China, the government-run CCTV stations rule almost every channel. Well, during the Olympics, most of the channels have turned into ESPN of sorts -- running highlight after highlight (especially when China wins).

There's this channel in the hotel room that pretty much keeps looping previous track and field events from around the world. When I couldn't sleep one night, I was watching it and I was struck by the beauty, and the skill of course, of Ms. Blanka Vlasic. You can see her in video below.

She's a 24-year-old high jump queen from Croatia who is the current world champion and it's worth noting that she wears the least amount of fabric she can without it being a wardrobe malfunction.

We're definitely rooting for Blanka, who has to be termed a favorite given her current title and the fact that she has two Olympic Games already on her resume. And when she wins, she does this pretty cool dance that's a nice added value. So next Saturday morning, if you're in a pickle who to root for in the women's high jump, go for Vlasic.

Blanka Vlasic
Source: weltklassezuerich.ch
Blanka Vlasic