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Highest Yielding Stocks On The Dow

Do you believe that financials, pharma and telecom can maintain through an economic downturn?

If so, you might want to take a look at the Dow Industrials where some of the largest companies in the world are currently offering investors notably large dividend yields.

A Bank of America branch.
Nell Redmond
A Bank of America branch.

Bank of America and Citigroup lead the list yielding at 8.3% and 6.9% respectively.

Pfizer comes in third with a 6.4% yield.

Telecom stocks AT&T and Verizon round out the top five with each yielding 5.1%.

Dividends are a great way to achieve profits each quarter in a holding without having to sell your position.

However, stocks facing a downturn could either end up cutting or eliminating dividends all together. Take General Motors for example. Their shares were yielding about 5% back in March, but have since suspended their dividend completely.

Here's the complete list (as of the 8/15 close):

Highest Yielders On The Dow Industrials

Dividend Yield (%)
Highest BAC 8.3
C 6.9
PFE 6.4
T 5.1
VZ 5.1
GE 4.2
MRK 4.2
JPM 4.0
AIG 3.8
DD 3.6
HD 3.3
CVX 3.1
Average --- 3.1
KO 2.8
MMM 2.7
JNJ 2.6
Median --- 2.6
BA 2.5
CAT 2.4
MCD 2.4
INTC 2.3
PG 2.2
AA 2.1
UTX 1.9
WMT 1.9
AXP 1.8
IBM 1.6
MSFT 1.6
XOM 1.6
DIS 1.1
HPQ 0.7
Lowest GM N/A
Source: CNBC.com (Yield based on closing prices as of Aug 15, 2008)