Earnings Surprises: Who Will Hit and Who Will Miss?

Thursday, 9 Oct 2008 | 3:26 PM ET

Sri Raman, senior analyst at StarMine, pinpointed companies that are expected to announce both positive and negative earnings surprises in the coming weeks.

Earnings: Upside & Downside Surprises
A look at companies that might announce quarterly earnings surprises in the coming weeks, with Sri Raman, senior analyst at StarMine

"We definitely did see a lot of companies coming in on the downside, and that’s not surprising given the financial turmoil that we are going in right now," Raman told CNBC.

Positive Surprises:

99 Cent Only Stores —"It's expected given the weak economy. People are going to be pinching pennies."

Aeropostale —"[Although] they are in a sector that is affected by the downturn... But [because of] the great back-to-school products that they have, they’re going to beat the estimates."

Negative Side:

Nokia —"They’re actually not competing on price, and most analysts think that it’s going to hurt their market share."

Boeing—"They have a strike going on right now and it’s expected to hit their earnings this quarter."

Expedia —"They have foreign exchange headwinds, they have a lot of businesses out of the country…"

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