BlackRock's Doll:  Win With Last Week's Laggards

By Andrew Fisher, CNBC.com
Monday, 1 Dec 2008 | 8:21 AM ET

The Thanksgiving-week rally took the markets up 10 percent, and with a 28-percent gain, financials outperformed just about everything else. BlackRock's Bob Doll sees investors cashing in on those gains this week, and recommends a move to more defensive stocks.

"What you do in your portfolio is, do some rearranging," he told CNBC Monday. "We've had some wonderful gains by some of the lower-quality names...I think you take some money off the table there, and recycle back into some of the more defensive names."


He's especially fond of health-care stocks.

"Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, these are names that lagged last week," he said. "They were up, but not nearly as much; they still have good prospects, so these are the kinds of trades we think make sense in this environment." (For his full comments see video)

Market Outlook
A look at the markets and the week ahead, with CNBC's Bob Doll, BlackRock vice chairman


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