Michael Yoshikami

Michael Yoshikami

Michael Yoshikami, Ph.D., CFP®, is CEO, founder and chairman of Destination Wealth Management's Investment Committee at Destination. Founded in 1986, Destination is a San Francisco Bay Area-based independent, wealth-management firm. He leads the research initiatives at DWM and develops tactical allocation strategies for firm portfolios.

Michael is also finance professor at the National University of Singapore and authors finance white papers for the Centre for Asset Management Research & Investments (CAMRI) at NUS.

Michael was named by Barron's as one of the Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He holds a BS in business administration, MBA and Ph.D. in education. He is also a Certified Financial Planner®.


  • Construction Highway

    China, the United States and many other countries have unveiled a slew of stimulus packages aimed at reviving their economies. These proposals should see a huge bump up in infrastructure spending. If that's the case, why are many of these companies doing so poorly in the stock markets? What's going on?

  • Okay here we are, moving into 2009, with market and news drama exploding all around us. And through it all, we are hearing this wonderfully convenient term called 'deleveraging' being thrown about as the reason for our current state.

  • Yoshikami: Survival Tips for Asian Investors Thursday, 15 Jan 2009 | 3:28 AM ET

    As we enter 2009, we are overwhelmed with headline after headline talking about the disasters that await us. China will slow, credit will not flow, the United States is heading for economic ruin, etc., etc., etc. Well, I am here to dispel some of the panic and share with you our strategy in Asia for investment success.