Paul Toscano

Producer, CNBC.com

Paul Toscano is a producer for CNBC.com working with Squawk on the Street. He is also the lead producer for CNBC Explains and has generated web content for "Mad Money," "Fast Money," "On the Money," NetNet with John Carney and CNBC Prime.

Prior to working for CNBC.com, he was an associate producer for CNBC's prime-time programming, working for "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch."

Paul graduated in 2007 from Colgate University and received his MBA in 2013 from NYU Stern School of Business, with specializations in Finance, Global Business and Entertainment, Media & Technology.

You can follow him on Twitter @ToscanoPaul.


  • What does $1 million buy you in today's real estate market?  In many parts of the country, than can certainly go a long way. In other areas, however, even with the unprecedented drop in home prices over the the past three years, a seven-figure price tag doesn't necessarily get you an ultra-luxurious apartment or big house in the suburbs.

  • How much can $1 million buy you in today’s real estate market? The answer, of course, varies greatly depending on where you’re looking to buy. With the real estate market being so tumultuous over the past several years, the question of 'when' you're looking to buy is almost as important.CNBC has canvassed 19 real estate markets around the country, from New York City and Los Angeles to Omaha and Anchorage to get a picture of how diverse local real estate markets across the country really are, and

    CNBC surveyed 19 markets from New York City and Los Angeles to Omaha, Nebraska and Anchorage, Alaska, to illustrate the great differences in purchasing power then and now.

  • 40 Years of Summer Olympic Cities Friday, 2 Oct 2009 | 11:22 AM ET
    The selection of Olympic host cities can transform a metropolitan area, placing the city in the international forefront for weeks while at the same time mobilizing billions of dollars in investments and tourist activity.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) follows a two-stage selection process, where cities apply for consideration, from which the IOC votes on candidate cities from the applicant pool. For the 2016 games, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro are front runners, and are being considered

    The selection of Olympic host cities can transform a metropolitan area. Click for 40 years of Olympic host cities, and the other candidates that were up for selection!



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