Tonight's Playbook

Some have described "Options Action" as a must see sporting event, on par with the seventh game of the NBA finals or the Super Bowl.

As the producer, I agree.

So with that in mind, ask yourself: Would you ever attend a sporting event without a program explaining the plays and players?

Of course not, and that's why I'm including tonight's "Options Action Playbook," which includes links to strategies we'll discuss tonight.

One play we'll be running tonight: Call spreads,a strategy that involves selling one call to offset the purchase of another.

We'll also touch selling covered calls, where traders sell an out-of-the-money call against a stock they already own, and put selling.

Questions, comments send them to us at: optionsaction@cnbc.com

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    Melissa Lee is the host of CNBC's “Fast Money” and “Options Action.”

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