Charts: Dow Will Rally after Easter

The recent rally in the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit resistance around the 8,000-point level, but the gains are set to return after the Easter break, Sandy Jadeja, chief market strategist from ODL Securities, told CNBC.

FTSE Facing Brief Pullback: Charts
FTSE Facing Brief Pullback: Charts   

“Typically before holidays we do tend to see pullbacks, but just after holidays we start to see a strong rally,” Jadeja said.

“So I’m expecting a pullback this week and a stronger rally into next week again," he said.

Even if the Dow pulls back 4 to 5 percent from current levels during this week, it will not give a clear sell signal, Jadeja told CNBC.

Watch the video to the left to see Jadeja’s predictions for the price of oil and the FTSE-100.