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One Share of BRK - $90,000

Share Price: $90,000
52 Week high: $147,000
52 Week low: $70,050

A single share of Class A Stock of Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company of Warren Buffett, is among the priciest individual stocks traded on the market. If one share at current market value of $90,000 (as of 4/2/09) was converted into $1 bills, the column of cash would rise 32 feet, approximately 3/4 the height of a standard American utility pole (40 ft).

The 52 week high of $147,000 (9/19/08) would stack 10 feet above a standard utility pole, while the stock’s 52 week low (3/5/09) would measure 25 feet in $1 bills, a little more than half the height of the pole.

Graphic: Paul Alvord for CNBC.com