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Market Tips: Oil to $70, Agriculture Hot

Global stocks were down Wednesday, weighed down by grim economic data and tech results from Infosys and ASML. Experts tell CNBC they see long-term potential in commodities and agriculture stocks, but not much in airline stocks.

Oil to $70 by Fourth-Quarter

Oil prices could average around $70 in the fourth-quarter, says Helen Henton, head of commodity research at Standard Chartered Bank. She shares her commodity price directions for 2009.

Upbeat on Commodities

The commodity market should look more positive in the second-half of the year, says Helen Henton, head of commodity research at Standard Chartered Bank.

Airlines Not Long-Term Investments

The airline industry is a trading opportunity, rather than a long-term investment, says Colin Whitehead, analyst at Fat Prophets. He tells CNBC this is because the sector is exposed to the cyclical nature of economy.

Bullish on Agriculture

The agriculture sector will be "on fire" this year and in the future, says Peter McGuire, MD of Commodity Warrants Australia. He tells CNBC that more food is always needed.

Great Value Opportunities in Asia

Asia is a great stock picker's market, says Greg Canavan, head of Australasian Research at Fat Prophets as he sees great value opportunities there. He reveals which are the best sectors to gain exposure to.

Sidestep HSBC

Alex Wong, director of asset management at Ample Capital will not chase after shares of HSBC even though he sees some upside momentum in that stock.