Tomorrow's Playbook: The Earnings Deluge

Next week you could nearly drown in data, considering the flood of earnings reports that are coming. But don’t panic, our traders will keep you afloat.

Tech Earnings Deluge

If you’re a tech investor, next week is what you’ve been waiting for; it’s going to be a big week. Here’s just a smattering of the earnings expected.

Mon. Apr. 20th: IBM, Texas Instruments
Tue. Apr. 21st : AMD, SanDisk, Broadcom, Yahoo!
Wed. Apr. 22nd: Apple Ebay, EMC
Thr. Apr. 23rd: Microsoft, Amazon

What’s the trade?

Joe Terranova: I’m long Intel , Broadcom and IBM into the week. I think that’s where you want to be.

Tim Seymour: I like Microsoft -- the chart looks good.

Zach Karabell: I continue to be long tech and Google especially. I think the whole sector has upside.

Pete Najarian: Considering the numbers from RIMM were strong last month I expect strong results from Apple . But that could be cooked into the stock.

Tech's Week to Shine?
Tech's Week to Shine?   

> Click here to check out what CNBC’s Jim Goldman has to say about the tech earnings or watch the video to your left.


Earnings Pot Luck

Over 100 companies will report earnings next week, and of course they won’t all be tech firms. So what else are the traders watching?

Joe Terranova: I’d be long McDonalds ; they’re continuing to grow and they’re gaining market share in this economic downturn. Historically when you gain market share in a downturn, you don’t lose it.

Tim Seymour: Keep an eye on Caterpillar . Demand from China could do good things for this stock.

Zach Karabell: I like Yum! Brands. It’s another China trade but they have a big presence there and the Chinese are spending.

Pete Najarian: I’ll be watching Merck and Lilly.

Earnings Potluck
Earnings Potluck   

Chartology: Earnings Outlook

What are the charts saying about earnings going into next week. Find out from technical analyst Dan Fitzpatrick. Watch the video now!

The Charts on Earnings
The Charts on Earnings   

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