Value Investor Mario Gabelli Gets Good Ideas At Berkshire Meeting

Friday, 1 May 2009 | 5:39 PM ET
Berkshire Hathaway 2009 Shareholder Meeting
Berkshire Hathaway 2009 Shareholder Meeting

Value investor and fund manager Mario Gabelli tells CNBC's Becky Quick he often gets good ideas from some of the thousands of like-minded investors who attend the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting each year.

Here's the video clip of their conversation, which also touched on Warren Buffett's controversial derivatives positions, and why Gabelli thinks attendance in Omaha remains high despite tough economic times.

Gabelli On Buffett
Insight on the stock market and Buffett's Berkshire, with Mario Gabelli, Gamco Investors chairman & CEO and CNBC's Becky Quick & Sue Herera

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