Market Tips: Nervous Fund Managers Powering Rally

Global stocks rose Wednesday as investors grew more optimistic about the global economy recovering. But experts interviewed on CNBC remain torn about whether this is a bear-market rally or a new bull market.

No Fund Manager Left Behind

Fund managers are concerned about being left behind and that could be what is driving the market's recent rally, says Tim Mulholland, MD at China-America Capital Company.

Investors Need to Stay Nimble

As Tey Tze Ming, market strategist at Saxo Capital Markets believes that this is a bear-market rally, he advises investors to stay nimble as we ride out this trough.

Preserving Wealth of High Net Worth Individuals

With the market split between views over whether this is a bear-market rally or a recovery, Odd Haavik, MD & CEO at Charles Monat Associates reveals how high net worth individuals can preserve their wealth in this installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Opportunities Arising

For companies which have the financial flexibility, now may be the right time to try to capitalize on the strength returning to capital markets, says Jim Quigley, global CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

En Route to a Quick Recovery?

The turnaround in leading indicators means the prospect of a bottom building in the real economy, but that does not mean that we will see a quick recovery, says Ulrich Leuchtmann, head of FX research at Commerzbank.

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