Pros Say: Buy Debt-Free US Stocks

Although global stocks were down again on Thursday, experts tell CNBC it is time to buy U.S. stocks, just not companies relying on the government.

Investing in US Stocks

Investors should invest in U.S. stocks that are not relying too much on the government and are not in danger of debt, says Karl Eggerss, chief trader at LafferFrishberg.com.

Uncertain Times for Stocks

The US stock market is at a crossroad at the moment, but there is more upside potential, Omer Bhatti from Worldspreads told CNBC.

Long on Bonds

Karl Eggerss, chief trader at LafferFrishberg.com tells CNBC he is "long" on high-quality, municipal and convertible bonds.

Commodity Markets Tracking Equities

The commodity markets are clearly mirroring equities, notes Jonathan Kornafel, director of Asia Hudson Capital Energy, after oil prices fell despite a decline in inventories.

Betting on Developing Markets

Remain underweight on equities, advises V. Anantha Nageswaran, CIO at Bank Julius Baer. He tells CNBC that one should use rallies in the developed world to reduce exposure, while buying into developing markets on any selloffs.

Disconnect Between Financial World & Reality

There is a massive divergence between the financial world and what it is pricing in, and what is going on the ground, notes V. Anantha Nageswaran, CIO at Bank Julius Baer.

Weak U.S. Retail Sales Data Weighs on Sector

Weak U.S. retail sales data reinforces the negative sentiment in the sector, says Michael James, MD of equity trading at Wedbush Morgan Securities.

Stock Picking in China

Within the China market, pick up laggards or value plays in cyclical or the higher beta sectors, suggests Michael Kurtz, head of China research & China strategist at Macquarie Research.

China Stocks Look Expensive

China stocks look expensive in both historic and relative terms, according to Michael Kurtz, head of China research & China strategist at Macquarie Research.

Overweight on China's Energy Sector

Lorraine Tan, VP of equity research, Asia at Standard & Poor's Equity Research is overweight on Greater China's energy sector, favoring PetroChina over CNOOC.

Hot on Asian ETFs

ETF listings continue to grow despite the global downturn and Paul Hoff, MD of FTSE Asia Pacific sees opportunities in Asia for ETFs. He tells CNBC how his firm plans to cash in on this trend.

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