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How Much For a T-Bone Steak?

In the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, the Council for Community and Economic Research compares the cost of individual consumer products and services across 309 American cities. In the report, the average price of various items can be compared to reflect the disparity of prices and the factors that contribute to the range of costs between cities.

From the cost of a T-bone steak to a monthly phone bill, the price for everyday items can vary dramatically across the country. The differences may have you wishing that you could get such a good deal, or make you grateful that you're not grossly overpaying.

So, where are the most — and least — expensive places in the country to buy these everyday necessities? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano & Ariel Nelson
Posted 12 June 2009

Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index/Bankrate.com // Data from Q1 2009