Market Tips: Dow To Rebound After Retreat

US stocks had the worst day in a month on Monday as a manufacturing data came in weaker than expected and the dollar made a comeback. Experts tell CNBC investors need to be cautious short-term as the market is likely to retreat, then rebound afterwards.

Dow to Dip, Then Climb

A retreat and a rebound is what investors should look for in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, says Daryl Guppy, CEO of Guppytraders.com.

Short-Term Cautious, Median Term Constructive

Andrew Pease, investment strategist at Russell Investments speaks to CNBC about his investment strategy, where he is cautious in the short-term.

Hold Out of Markets

Hold out of the market as much as you can, given the falls in commodity prices, says Juliana Roadley, equity market analyst at Commonwealth Securities.

Stronger Greenback, Stronger Recovery

A stronger dollar means a stronger recovery for commodities, says Jonathan Barratt, managing director of Commodity Broking Services.

Buy Aussie Commodities on Dip

Buy Australian commodities on a dip, but avoid going long, says Kevin Curran, head of dealing at Foster Stockbroking.

Upbeat on Telcos & Techs

Shift money out of energy and commodity sector into defensive sectors, says Dan McCormack, equities strategist at Macquarie Securities. He tells CNBC he likes telcos, techs and consumer staples.

Satellite Sector Resilient to Recession

The satellite industry is resilient to the recession, says Romain Bausche, president and CEO of SES. He tells CNBC that his clients are mainly media companies who want long-term broadcasting.

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