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Awwww...That's So Cute I May Be Sick

Source: cuteoverload.com

Monday got you down? Here's a website guaranteed to make you smile: CuteOverload.com. It's so cute! Then it just keeps getting... cuter. Finally, you feel kind of sick.

CuteOverload.com scours the internet for the cutest images. It's filled with photos of kittens and puppies and this image of some little hamster-like thingy.

Or this tortoise eating mashing potatoes...smiling...


Tortoise eating mashed potatoes.
Source: cuteoverload.com
Tortoise eating mashed potatoes.

The San Francisco Chronicle today named CuteOverload the "Website of the Week", saying, "As the name implies, there's only so much of this site you can take. But it's perfect for a quick break in this world of discouraging news." The site was also an official Webby nominee this year in the "Weird" category, though it lost out to Fail Blog, and Jason Nelson's Digital Oddities (which actually gave me a headache when I went to the homepage).

Advertising on the site appears strong, though one ad pitches a blog involving a penguin bearing has a name I'd best not print here. It's for people who really hate cute animal stuff.

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Adding to the overload, CuteOverload provides a glossary of its own unique, cute language. For example, "snorgle" means "the situation when you moosh your face into a fuzzy wuzzy smoochie wiggle and make googoo noises." Excuse me while I take a deep breath and try to quell my stomach.

But, believe me, they're in on the joke. CuteOverload recognizes that a little fuzzy wuzzy goes a long way, so they've bestowed a special name on the violent reaction some people have when gazing upon a mother duck guiding her young fluffy ducklings. They call it "barfing rainbows".

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