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More Buzzwords from Readers

"Leverage" was the most overused business buzzword this year, followed by "reach out" and "it is what it is," according to a survey released Friday. CNBC.com readers sent more examples:

Clive, UK:

"That's a good question". If we want to see a continuation of this "V-shaped recovery" we need more "Green shoots", maybe some "Out of the box thinking" is needed.

Andy, Australia:

Buzzwords I hate:

1. Bernanke Bounce - i.e. the market has stopped going down and is now going up

2. Quantitive Easing - i.e. we are printing money

3. Impairment - i.e. we're writing off a ton of money

Miles, UK


The one I hate is "110%"

Why would I want anyone working for me who has no grip on basic mathematics - let the banks employ them!

P.J., US

"Exceeded expectations" - street language for "We thought they would lose money, but they lost less than we thought."

"Negative growth": an oxymoron interpreted as "lost more ground".

DJ, Hong Kong

I am irritated by market pundits who recommend to "buy on dips"!

Andrew, UK

I hate 'going forward'.

I am sure I heard one commentator say:

'At the end of the day, going forward, you need to buy on the dips'