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50 Cent Shares His Attitude Toward Investing

Media mogul Curtis Jackson — more commonly known as 50 Cent — wants investors to know that they should approach the stock market with no fear, he told CNBC.

In his new book, "The 50th Law," co-written with Robert Green, he shares his perspectives on taking chances and self-branding, which have landed him the No. 26 spot of Forbes' 100 Richest Celebrities list.

50 Cent said tough situations in his life, like the death of his mother, helped him develop a fearless approach to investing, he said.

"It makes me go into these situations without fear," he said. "I've already experienced the worst possible scenario."

This philosophy seems to have worked.

He was an original investor in Vitamin Water before Coca-Cola bought it, through which he made about $100 million after taxes.

50 Cent said that the way music artists market themselves in the current era is exactly the opposite of what was considered "cool" a few years ago. While in the past it would be considered selling out to team up with companies for endorsements, now it's a smart way to make money.

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