Recession Over? Tell That to the 15 Million Unemployed

Did you hear the news?

“The great recession is over!" Lynn Reaser, the president-elect of the National Association of Business Economists, declared today.

If you’re one of the 15 million people in this country who remain unemployed, your response to that might have involved your middle finger.

We hear you, buddy.

The name of this blog, "There's Got to Be a Pony in Here Somewhere," comes from an old joke, a favorite of Ronald Reagan’s, that essentially means, with a pile of you-know-what this big, there MUST be a pony—a bright side—in here somewhere.

And we know the pile is still pretty big—no matter what the economy wonks say.

So, we just wanted to let you know — while this started as a recession blog, and the recession has been declared officially over, this Pony isn’t going anywhere. We’ll just shift our focus a bit: You’ll hear less of the “R” word, and more about jobs, the housing market and ways that companies are juicing sales—like those elephants in Oregon who started a car wash.

There’s got to be a pony—an elephant, something—in here somewhere!

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