Marshall Fogel: A Collector's Profile

Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009 | 12:36 PM ET

Many people who got into the baseball card and memorabilia business in 1989, like Marshall Fogel did, have come to regret it today.

Those people likely focused on hoarding Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. cards to pay for college or bought other cards whose print run later turned out to be as scarce as $1 bills.

Sports Memorabilia: Top Collector Hits a Homer
Marshall Fogel, one of Americaâ??s top collectors of sports memorabilia, gives the public a glimpse of his prized possessions, including rare items from Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Ty Cobb. CNBCâ??s Darren Rovell says their value is more than just sentimental.

Denver collector Marshall Fogel took a different approach by buying high-end one-of-a-kind pieces whose return, he says, has been better than if he were to have invested that money in the stock market.

As you watch our piece, produced by Andy Rothman, you'll find yourself shaking your head at the items Fogel has in his collection.

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