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Bill Gates: The Billionaire Philanthropist

Photo Courtesy: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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<strong>The Philanthropy</strong>

The foundation is divided by three main programs Global Development, Global Health and a United States Program. From the start of the foundation until September 2009 the total grant commitment is $21 billion. The total 2008 grant payments are $2.8 billion.

Global Development
– Focuses on agricultural development, financial services for the poor, special initiatives (libraries, emergency relief, urban poverty, financial services for the poor). In 2008 $462 million was allocated to grants in the Global Development Program.

Global Health Program – Similar to the Global Development program their goal is to reduce poverty, hunger as well as prevent and fight HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases. $1.8 billion were grants paid towards the Global Health Program in 2008.

United States
Program – Concentrate on education (postsecondary degrees), libraries, homelessness, emergency relief efforts. In 2008 Grants paid to United States Programs estimated to $519 million.

Photo Courtesy: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation