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Top Sports for Illegal Wagers

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<strong>NFL Football</strong>

Illegal wagers: $80-$100 billion

It's no surprise football is at the top of the illegal gambling heap according to professional sports handicapper and gambling strategy author Wayne Allyn Root.

"There's no coincidence that the No. 1 sport to watch is the No. 1 sport to bet on," the founder & CEO of WinningEDGE.com says. "The betting literally drives the viewership, and the heavy betting on football is driven by the fact that it's on television. They are synergistic. And what drives all of it? The pointspread. Without the pointspread, no one is betting or watching.

"The reason no one watches women's volleyball isn't because it's not interesting, it's because no one bets on it," Root says. "And no one's betting on it because there's no pointspread."

Photo Credit: Getty Images