Jean Paul Gaultier's Tips for Recession Catwalk

Friday, 22 Jan 2010 | 6:55 AM ET

Renowned fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier won't let a little thing like the recession spoil his catwalk creations. At Paris Fashion Week he gave CNBC his tips for breaking into the fashion industry during tough times.

Gaultier on Fashion for Tough Times
"There are a lot of problems in the fashion industry, like there is everywhere else," fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier told CNBC Friday. Gaultier gives his tips on putting on a fashion show during tough times.

"I started in a moment where it was not so easy too … so I had to do it with nothing, only my passion," Gaultier told CNBC Friday while covered in fake blood to match the show's boxing look.

Gaultier staged his latest collection in a boxing ring instead of a catwalk with models sporting cuts and bruises along with the designer outfits. The fight for survival theme reminded the designer of starting out without any money during tough economic times and putting on a show with limited funds.

"What I did, I did without money ... I tried to find other solutions," he said. "One time I did a show without shoes. I didn’t take model professional because they were too expensive."

"I find some girls that love fashion and love to dress. At each level you can find ideas," he said.

- Watch the full interview with Jean Paul Gaultier above.

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