From Mr. Burns to Mr. Goldman and Mr. Sachs

Wednesday, 3 Mar 2010 | 6:11 PM ET

Harry Shearer has long poked fun at Corporate America as the voice of Homer Simpson’s diabolical boss Mr. Burnson “The Simpson’s.”

Harry Shearer
Jim Dyson | Getty Images
Harry Shearer

But with his new CD, “Greed and Fear,”the poignant jabs have a beat you can tap your toe to.

Each track has a decidedly different musical style from the banjo-strumming “Glimmers of Hope” to the 80s feeling “Mr. Goldman and Mr. Sachs,” the jazzy “Dead Cat Bounce” and the lounge-y title track, “Greed and Fear.”

It’s what the financial crisis would sound like if it were a musical variety show.

Source: Amazon

Listening to it, you half expect Donny and Marie Osmond to come out wearing fake moustaches, playing the roles of “Mr. Goldman” and “Mr. Sachs.”

You know Goldman was a little bit country— and Sachs was a little bit rock ‘n roll!

The CD, which includes 10 tracks and comes with a digital booklet, is available for $8.49 on Amazon.com.

Click hereto listen to some sample tracks.

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