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Dream Cars of the Boomer Generation

Photo: Barrett-Jackson.com

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Boomer Generation Dream Cars

Automobiles have played a major role in the lives of those born from 1946-1963. And with the majority of baby boomers becoming young adults in the 60s and 70s, they were very impressionable during the golden age of performance cars.

To get a taste of Boomer “Dream Cars,” CNBC.com asked Steve Davis, collectable car expert and president of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, to give his take on the most sought-after classic cars of the generation. According to him, “baby boomers are reliving their youth and playing a major role in the collector car market.”

So, what are the most iconic models for the boomer generation? Click ahead see Davis’ picks!

Produced By Tonya Alexander
Posted 5 March 2010

Photo: Barrett-Jackson.com