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Sustainable Investing: Carbon Winners and Losers

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Is Your Portfolio 'Sustainable?'

Businesses, investors, governments and consumers are being inundated with complex and conflicting data about climate change and the efforts to address it.

So what parts of this new economic paradigm will fundamentally change your life, finances and workplace? It's something CNBC contributor Terry Tamminen addresses in his upcoming book, "Cracking the Carbon Code: The Keys to Sustainable Wealth in the 21st Century."
In the book, Tamminen examines how companies are dealing with their carbon footprints, the same information investors need to know if they have hidden in their portfolios liabilities "so vast that companies 'too big to fail' will soon be dropping in value or even from the marketplace altogether."

Here, Tamminen shares with us some of the companies that are prepared to withstand the growing impact that carbon will have on their bottom lines. And some that haven't.

Where are the "safe" investments, and how can you make sure there aren't hidden liabilities in your portfolio? As Tamminen says, "everyone with money to make or lose needs to understand how to crack the Carbon Code."

Click ahead to see some of the potential winners and losers in the new age of carbon awareness.

By Constance Parten
Posted: 23 April, 2010

Source: "Cracking the Carbon Code: The Key to Sustainable Wealth in the 21st Century" by Terry Tamminen

Visit: www.terrytamminen.com