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How Easy is Finding Alternative Fuel?

For those who want a more eco-conscious fuel than gasoline for their automobiles, there are plenty of options. The most commonly available are: B20 or biofuel; CNG, or compressed natural gas; E85 or ethanol; LPG or propane; electric; hydrogen; and LNG or liqueified natural gas. But how easy is it to refuel, especially when you're traveling?

Well, it's definitely not as simple as refueling with plain old gasoline. According to the most recent count of stations* across the country, there are 162,350 gasoline stations nationwide. By comparison, there are just 6,568 alternative-fuel stations** across the country. On average, drivers can find a gas station every 23.36 square miles and alt-fuel stations every 1,496 square miles. That's a big difference and certainly something to keep in mind when considering a switch to an alt-fuel-only vehicle.

So where is it easiest around the country to find alt-fueling stations, and which kinds of fuel are most readily available? Click ahead to see the country's top 15 states for alt-fuel convenience.

Posted: April 15, 2010
Constance Parten

*National Petroleum News Magazine's 2009 MarketFacts report
**US Department of Energy