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Marijuana: Tools of the Trade

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Papers / Blunts

One of the more popular methods of experiencing marijuana is to roll the drug in papers specifically designed for smoking. Generally called "rolling papers," they are small, thin sheets that are filled with tobacco, marijuana or other herbs that can be rolled into a cigarette. Papers may come in various flavors and designs and are sold for the general purpose of tobacco use, but are often used for marijuana instead. Most general stores offer rolling papers for tobacco use, which generally sell for less than $3.

Blunts are different from rolling papers in that they are derived from a cigar by removing the tobacco and replacing it with marijuana. The term describes a certain type of cigar, but is used in reference to any cigar that has been re-purposed to contain marijuana. Blunts are generally larger and can contain more marijuana than rolling papers. Thus, blunts are often smoked by multiple users in one sitting.

Photo: iStock