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The World's Top Marijuana Travel Destinations

Photo: Ken Straiton | First Light | Getty Images

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10. Toronto, Canada

"Canada’s Eastern regions boast some excellent marijuana and many businesses on Younge St. (known as 'Youngsterdam' in Toronto) and beyond cater to the cannabis connoisseur," says Danko. Although it is against the law to possess marijuana in Canada, enforcement is focused primarily on individuals guilty of trafficking. Marijuana users in Toronto report that police officers are lenient to those who are discreet.

There are various medical marijuana "clubs" in Toronto, although the majority caters only to Canadian citizens carrying medical cards. Kensington Market, Queen Street West, Scarborough Town Centre and the area surrounding Toronto University are all areas where marijuana use is widespread and vendors easy to come by. "Head shops, smoke-tolerant cafes and pot seed retail stores all vie for the aficionado’s attention," says Danko.

Photo: Ken Straiton | First Light | Getty Images