Hedge Fund Pro's Short-Term Sector Plays

The markets look choppy in the short-term but "there’s a feeling that we are forming a bottom" and there will be opportunities on the upside longer-term, said Richard Del Bello, senior partner at Conifer Securities. So where should investors put their money?

Hedge Fund Trading Sentiment
Hedge Fund Trading Sentiment   

“A lot of people are playing on the short-side with ETFs,” Del Bello told CNBC.

He said traders are cautious about the energy sector and playing the short-side until the oil spill issue gets resolved in the Gulf coast. He added that the financials are also a short-term play.

“The U.S. is looking strong because of what’s happening in Europe, but there’s a question about balance sheets and whether or not that contagion is going to hit here,” he explained. “Until things get cleared up in Europe, it’s still a question out there.”

Meanwhile, Del Bello said the technology sector is becoming a “safe haven” for equities.

“Apple is the one name that keeps on ploughing,” he said.

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