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Top-Grossing Animated Movies

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9. Finding Nemo

Adjusted Gross: *$447.883 million
Unadjusted Gross: $339.714 million
Release Date: May 30, 2003
Distributor: Buena Vista

Fun Facts:
The look and feel of the underwater world was essential to Finding Nemo's success.The production crew all visited aquariums, went on diving stints in Monterey and Hawaii, attended study sessions in front of Pixar's own 25-gallon fish tank and even attended a series of in-house lectures from an ichthyologist.

Rendering a frame which lasted about 1/24th of a second in the film could take up to four days because of the complexity of the underwater environment with sunlight coming through the water and hitting fish scales. The great white shark's name in the movie was Bruce—also the nickname given to the models used for the shark in the original "Jaws."

*Adjusted for ticket price inflation to the estimated 2010 average ticket price of $7.95

Source: Box Office Mojo, IMDB.com, Mooviees.com

Photo Credit: AP