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Top-Grossing Animated Movies

Photo Credit: Disney

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8. Bambi

Adjusted Gross: *$506.514 million
Unadjusted Gross: $102.247 million
Release Date: Aug. 21, 1942
Distributor: RKO

Fun Facts:
This was the fifth animated Disney feature. The look of the film was inspired by the work of Tyrus Wong, a Chinese animator whose sketches used softened backgrounds allowing the audience to focus squarely on the beautifully drawn animals.

To design Bambi's scenes, Walt Disney traveled to Argentina in 1941, and there he was inspired in the forests of the Neuquéns province (southwest of Argentina). For the film's DVD release in 2005, over 110,000 frames were cleaned up individually, requiring more than 9,600 hours of work.

*Adjusted for ticket price inflation to the estimated 2010 average ticket price of $7.95

Source: Box Office Mojo, IMDB.com, American Royal Arts

Photo Credit: Disney