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Will Tea Party Help or Hurt GOP This November?

People attend the Tea Party rally on Boston Common on April 14, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Tea Party Express is on a current tour through the United States ending tomorrow in Washington, D.C., on tax day.
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People attend the Tea Party rally on Boston Common on April 14, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Tea Party Express is on a current tour through the United States ending tomorrow in Washington, D.C., on tax day.

Over the last year, the anti-tax Tea Party movement has become a major force in politics. While some say it has invigorated the Republican party and will result in GOP victory this November, others believe it will split Republicans as they go to the polls. This leads to today's Kudlow Caucus question...

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The Kudlow Caucus Breakdown

Jerry BowyerEconomist, CNBC Contributor
The more the media attacks the Tea Parties, the stronger they get. I've spoken at half a dozen of these and I can tell you from personal experience that this is the real deal: genuinely grassroots, strongly committed, well informed and very active.

Andrew B. BuschGlobal Currency and Public Policy Strategist
BMO Capital Markets
They’re a passionate engaged group that turns out to vote for candidates who support fiscal prudence. That is all that you can ask for for a voting block is that they’re motivated, they’re excited, that they’ll turn out.

Kellyanne ConwayCEO and President
the polling company™
"Tea Party" represents a set of ideas that reject bailouts and spending, calls for constitutionalism and limited government, which have dominated the primaries so far. Those voters will turn out in droves this November.

David P. GoldmanSenior Editor
First Things
It will contribute to high turnout for republicans in a midterm election.

David GoodfriendLawyer
It divides the anti-Democratic vote and muddles the Republican message, plus it forces Republicans in primaries to make statements that bite them in the general.

Jim LaCampPortfolio Manager, Portfolio Focus, RBC Wealth Management
Co-Host, Opening Bell Radio Show, Biz Radio Network
But just barely. It will move the discussion to the right and have a "piling on" impact against Democratic candidates and policies. However, in some cases it will split votes ala Ross Perot. Close call, but on the whole, help.

Art LafferFmr. Reagan Economic Advisor
Chief Investment Officer, Laffer Investments
It brings attention to the misdirected policies of the Democrats.

Donald L. LuskinChief Investment Officer, Trend Macrolytics LLC
Help, because it always helps to have a passionate, committed constituency. Without the Tea Party component, the GOP is “who cares?”

Steve MooreSr. Economics Writer, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board
Tea party is going to organize millions of voters around the country and cause a tidal wave of victories for the GOP. Dems wont know what hit them. Even Dems who think they are safe, are in a boat load of trouble thanks to the tea party express.

Peter Navarro
Business Professor
University of California, Irvine
It’s a focal point for discontent. The only danger are cases like Nevada where you get somebody more extreme and less politically savvy to go up against a veteran. In most cases, it’s all good.

Robert Reich
Former Labor Secretary
Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
It’s driving some GOP candidates so far right that Independents and conservative Dems won’t touch them.

Mark Walsh
Political Strategist and Campaign Innovator
This one’s easy. Hurt. The tea party is not organized yet around some of the legitimate issues generating anger, and the main spokespeople are not crisp in their presentation of any rational or sustainable solutions. You are left with a series of candidates and organizers who propose “solutions” that are so off mainstream that even 100% turnout from the edge believers will not tilt any elections.

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