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The World's Coolest Jobs...Ever

Photo: Jeff Maloney | Photodisc | Getty Images

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From Whiskey Maker to Director of Golf

You think of drinking whiskey and playing golf as things you do in your leisure time to unwind. But some people actually get paid to do these things.

Take Colum Egan, the master distiller for Bushmills whiskey in Ireland. Or Jerramy Hainlaine, whose title is actually “Director of Golf” for Hilton Worldwide.

And, when you’re watching fireworks this weekend, know that there are hundreds of people across the country who set off explosives for a living.

We interviewed these guys and several others who have the World’s Coolest Jobs. Click here to read about what their work entails — and how they landed such a cool job.

So, what are the world's coolest jobs? Click ahead to find out!

By Cindy Perman
Posted 2 July 2010

Photo: Jeff Maloney | Photodisc | Getty Images