Dykstra: “You Mess With Nails You Get the Hammer”

Friday, 6 Aug 2010 | 4:10 PM ET

Lenny Dykstra has proven that, to quote Yogi Berra, it ain't over til it's over.

Lenny Dykstra
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Lenny Dykstra

On a day that lawyers for JP Morgan Chase said was "really, really, really gonna be Mr. Dykstra's last chance" to make any case for himself in bankruptcy court, it really, really, really wasn't.

The trustee overseeing Dykstra's estate abruptly resigned last night.

The trustee's office says that "the appearance of impropriety rose to a level" that they requested his resignation.

The impropriety was not revealed, but Dykstra's attorneys claim the trustee, Art Cisneros, was colluding with JP Morgan Chase, which holds the first mortgage on Dykstra's former mansion.

A new trustee will be assigned, and the next hearing isn't until October.

Nails Gets the Hammer
CNBC's Jane Wells talks to former Major Leaguer Lenny Dykstra about his bankruptcy, accusations of steroid use during his playing career, and the allegation he was paid to pitch stocks.

The judge also issued a temporary restraining order barring Dykstra and his ex-wife, Terri, from being on the property.

The second lien holder claimed Dykstra was seen at the house, and his former attorney threatened brokers trying to put it on the market for the estate.

Outside court, Dykstra explained why he thinks he will still get his house back, where he's currently living, and, for the first time, he addressed accusations that he took steroids as a ballplayer and later, as an investment guru, he took money to promote a stock.

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