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  Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | 2:22 PM ET

ANALYST KINNUCAN SHAKES DOWN CITADEL: The Feds Wanted Me to Wiretap You and I Didn't—So Pay Me Already

Posted By: Courtney Comstock, Business Insider
John Kinnucan
John Kinnucan

As the fallout from the government's huge insider-trading investigation continues to spread, an analyst at the center of it is trying to collect a bill owed him by a former client, hedge-fund giant Citadel—which may also be under investigation.

The analyst, John Kinnucan, has been trying to collect $50,000 from Citadel for months. And last week, fed up with not getting his money, Kinnucan sent an email directly to Citadel boss Ken Griffin trying to "shame" him into paying the bill.

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  Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | 1:19 PM ET

Bernanke an Inflation Pollyanna? Bill Gross Thinks So

Posted By: Jeff Cox
Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke
Getty Images
Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke

For monetary policy hawks, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s latest strategy could be seen as a small victory. The central bank head at least has gotten around to mentioning inflation, even if he isn’t quite ready to do anything about it.

Bernanke delivered a policy speech Monday in which he declared recent inflation pressures to be “transitory” and of no major threat to the economic recovery. Ultimately, he did acknowledge that his assumptions could be wrong and promised to monitor the situation closely, but gave little indication of major care about the inflation problem.

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  Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | 12:56 PM ET

Facebook Launches Insider Trading Policy

Posted By: John Carney
Source: facebook.com

Facebook has implemented a policy prohibiting employees from selling shares to other investors.

The policy was announced last week, according to people familiar with the matter.

Jessica Vascello first reported on the policy for the Wall Street Journal.

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  Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | 12:04 PM ET

Facebook Is Not Immune From Insider Trading Rules

Posted By: John Carney
Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images
Mark Zuckerberg

One of the questions I keep getting asked is why insider trading law should apply to an "unregulated" company like Facebook.

The truth is that Facebook is not unregulated.

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  Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | 11:14 AM ET

Union Fund Targets BofA Executive's Home Sale Perk

Posted By: John Carney
A Bank of America branch.
Nell Redmond
A Bank of America branch.

An investment fund affiliated with an employee union will force Bank of America to ask investors to approve or reject a policy of making executives whole for real estate losses incurred in connection to corporate relocations.

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  Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | 10:08 AM ET

Is Justice Up for Sale?

Posted By: Lori Ann LaRocco

John Grisham's book "The Appeal" was a page turning story of how justice was up for sale. Now we're seeing this story unfold in real life.

Not on the East Coast or West Coast, but in the Midwest—Wisconsin. Once considered a local race, the election for Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge took a heated turn when Governor Scott Walker's historic legislation stripping collective bargaining rights for public employees passed. Now the battle has passed to the courts.

The Wisconsin court is technically "non-partisan" and the current elections is for just one of the court's seven seats. The make up of the current bench is four conservatives, a swing vote and two liberals. So the race between conservative incumbent Justice David Plosser and liberal candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg is essentially a battle over control of the court. The future of Walker's legislation hangs in the balance of justice.

The election is awash with campaign cash. I decided to ask Carrie Severino of The Judicial Crisis Network for her thoughts on this election battle. What could it mean for the future of business in our country? Severino is a former law clerk for Justice Thomas and lecturer at Georgetown Law School.

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  Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | 9:11 AM ET

Julian Robertson Is Reopening Tiger Management to Outside Investors for the First Time in a Decade

Posted By: Katya Wachtel, Business Insider
Julian Robertson, founder and former CEO of Tiger Management
Julian Robertson, founder and former CEO of Tiger Management

After a ten-year hiatus, Julian Robertson is finally reopening Tiger Management to outside investors, Lawrence Delevingne at AR reports.

The reopening has been rumored for months, and hit its peak when Robertson hired Tiger Management's former chief trader Gil Caffray \(who was most recently with Tiger cub Touradji Capital\) as chief investment officer in early January.

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  Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | 8:46 AM ET

Bernanke Downplays Inflation Threats

Posted By: Julia La Roche

Moody's downgraded Portugal [Yahoo Finance]

China raises interest rates...again [CNNMoney]

Texas Instruments is acquiring National Semiconductor [CNBC.com via Reuters]

Bernanke downplays inflation threats [WSJ]

"Geithner Sees 'Severe Hardships' If Debt Limit Isn't Raised" [Bloomberg]

Barclays CEO wants to increase bank's risk appetite [CNBC.com via Financial Times]

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  Monday, 4 Apr 2011 | 4:33 PM ET

Catwalking Through History

Posted By: Ash Bennington
  Monday, 4 Apr 2011 | 4:31 PM ET

Watch The Thundercats Trailer

Posted By: John Carney

Admit it. You're a little excited about this.

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