Thursday, 20 Jan 2011 | 8:39 AM ET

Waking up With Nicole Lapin

Posted By: Nicole Lapin

Happy Friday Eve! I've been up way longer that you, so here's what you missed while you were sleeping and need to know to knock it outta the park today, slugger:

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  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011 | 6:42 PM ET

Has Goldman Lost its Mojo?

Posted By: Ash Bennington

Hu Jintao Heads to the White House [Wall Street Journal] "President Barack Obama formally welcomed Chinese President Hu Jintao to the White House on Wednesday, with both leaders calling for a renewed effort of cooperation as they embarked on a summit that will help redefine the relationship between the world's longtime superpower and its rising Asian rival."

Today's Afternoon Headlines read like Marsha, Marsha, Marsha—Except It's Goldman, Goldman, Goldman. But hey: How often do you lose $5 Billion in 24 hours?

Felix Salmon Follows up on Goldman Pay [Felix Salmon] Felix Salmon follows up on a DealBook's analysis —which we included in our morning call.

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  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011 | 3:54 PM ET

Alexandra Lebenthal and Meredith Whitney Square off in Muni Land

Posted By: Ash Bennington
Glow Images | Getty Images

Alexandra Lebenthal and Meredith Whitney are squaring off over municipal bonds.

Both are lovely ladies—and as tempting as it is to strike the cat fight note—there is a substantive story here. \(Note: Lebenthal isn't making the metaphor easy to ignore: She's challenged Whitney—and I quote "on TV [or] outside in the school yard".\)

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  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011 | 3:30 PM ET

Maybe Goldman Sachs Isn't So Shaken Up By The Facebook Fiasco

Posted By: Kate Kelly

Goldman Sachs earnings calls aren’t known for their levity. But there was a funny moment in this morning’s fourth-quarter investor question-and-answer period with CFO David Viniar.

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  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011 | 1:56 PM ET

New European Financial Stability Facility Bonds Expected to Yield 70 BPS Over German Bunds

Posted By: Ash Bennington

New EFSF bonds are expected to be priced by investors with a yield 70 basis points above the German sovereign bond.

This is according to a research note by Citi's Peter Goves, as reported by Tracy Alloway in the Financial Times Alphaville .

Goves explains, in an excerpt:

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  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011 | 1:43 PM ET

Bonus Day Hits Goldman Tomorrow!

Posted By: John Carney

Goldman Sachs is likely to reveal the details of its bonuses to staff tomorrow, according to people at the firm.

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  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011 | 1:41 PM ET

Here's Why Goldman Sachs Fired Its Top ForEx Guy

Posted By: John Carney
The Goldman Sachs booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange
Getty Images
The Goldman Sachs booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Yesterday, news broke that Goldman Sachs had fired one of its top foreign exchange salesmen in London. Immediately, people began wondering what had happened.

Word was that Kevin Connors, who was co-head of global forex sales for G10 currencies, had abruptly departed last week. Goldman was officially declining to comment.

But it was clearly the source of comments explaining that Connors had not acted illegally or harmed clients.

So what happened?

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  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011 | 1:14 PM ET

Citi's Big Problem Expenses, Not Revenue

Posted By: Jeff Cox
Citibank logo on a sign
Getty Images
Citibank logo on a sign

While lower-than-expected trading revenue took the focus of Citigroup’s earnings call Tuesday, it’s the company’s problems with expenses that could hamper it going forward.

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  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011 | 12:49 PM ET

Cathy Burzik: Managing Through Change is Part of Our Organizational Readiness

Posted By: Lori Ann LaRocco

The day of reckoning is here for health care. The Senate is expected to vote in the early evening on the GOP's Obamacare repeal bill.

While the tone of the discussion was more civil this time around, the message was still the same. On any given day, speculation about the outcome in the Senate changes, largely thanks to guesses about what Democratic Senators up for re-election in 2012 will do.

Today the word is that Senate is vowing to stand behind Obamacare and against the repeal bill. All this uncertainty is creating a headache for companies in the health care sector. I decided to ask Cathy Burzik, CEO of the medical technology company, Kinetic Concepts how this health care drama is being factored into her business strategy.

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  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011 | 11:59 AM ET

Obama Welcomes Hu Jintao to White House...With A Rap Battle

Posted By: John Carney

In honor of the visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao to the White House today, we bring you the US-Sino Currency Rap Battle.

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