The End of The Cult of Equity

Friday, 3 Sep 2010 | 6:11 PM ET

Bill Ackman Blocked From Foreclosing on Stuy Town(New York Post) We’re not exactly sure how it’s even possible Ackman could take over Stuyvesant Town just by foreclosing on a $300 million slice of debt he bought for $40 million. But he’s awesome just for trying.

The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever (Clusterstock) Just got scarier.

The Corporate Bond Market Is About to Get Hit With $90 Billion of New Issuances(MarketBeat) But you're still not supposed to think there’s a bubble in bonds.

The End of The Cult of Equity (ZeroHedge) Citi's Robert Buckland says that the equity cult, which has reigned since the 1950s, is dead.

Jamie Dimon Takes A 50% Haircut on The Value of His Chicago Mansion (Chicago Breaking Business) The asking price dropped from $13.5 to a mere $6.50 million. Ouch!

Citadel's Ken Griffin: Derivatives Trading "Status Quo" Is Unacceptable (Reuters) Calls for OTC trades to be moved to clearinghouses.


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