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  • Flawless pear-shaped 72.22-carat diamond

    Indian jewelry retailer Gitanjali has launched the world’s first gold and diamond ATM machine, adding the gems to its offering of precious metals vending machines as it seeks to capitalize on the craze for jewelry in India.

  • As European leaders scramble to contain the euro zone debt crisis and make preparations for an orderly default for Greece, on e fund manager argues that Russia’s debt crisis in 1998 could hold an important lesson for the southern European nation.

  • Portuguese Austerity Seen Getting OK on Monday Saturday, 15 Oct 2011 | 8:38 AM ET

    Portugal’s parliament is expected to comfortably pass an austerity budget for 2012 on Monday, aiming to regain the confidence of investors who are concerned over the country’s high level of debt.

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