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Six Cool Companies to Work For

Photo courtesy: Google.com

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Six Cool Companies to Work For

From cubicle farms to cafeteria food, life at the office can be pretty boring and, at times, annoying.

But some companies have figured out that if you get a little creative, and offer a few extra perks, it can go a long way toward keeping employees happy – and more productive.

In this day and age of cutbacks and downsizing, that’s pretty extraordinary.

Maybe it’s a cool gathering place, with bean-bag chairs, couches or café seating, that makes people excited to go to meetings – not to mention it keeps them from talking loudly in front of other co-workers’ desks!

Or maybe it’s not a physical thing but a creative policy like offering employees unlimited vacation time or flexible hours, with the caveat that they have to deliver above-average results, or they’re out.

Oh, and if you think it’s just the private companies having all that fun, you'd be wrong: Half of them are public.

Here are Six Cool Companies to Work For, what makes them cool, and the answer to the question you’re dying to ask: Are they hiring?

By Cindy Perman
Posted 8 Oct 2010

Photo courtesy: Google.com