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Five More Ways Fed Easing Could Make Things Worse

U.S. budget deficit no longer at highest level. (CNBC.com) (Now at second highest level — should I feel better?)


Five More Ways Fed Easing Could Make Things Worse, (CNBC.com) by CNBC's Jeff Cox:

Mozilo Settles with SEC. (CNBC.com) As part of the deal, Mozilo will disgorge $45 million in ill-gotten profits and pay a $22.5 million in civil penalties — but he made $139 million. Hey, wait a minute…

Banks to lose $80 billion from mortgage mess, (CNBC.com) according to Dick Bove

Global trade slows, manufacturing dips (New York Times)

Cotton hits a new high — for 140 years! (Wall Street Journal) (Yeah, but that’s in nominal dollars. Did anyone seriously think cotton traded higher on an unadjusted dollar basis in 1870?)

U.S. Investigates Chinese energy subsidies (WashingtonPost) — harbinger of things to come.

The Federal Home Loan Bank is suing eleven securities dealers over flawed mortgage pools.(CNBC.com)

  • Jeff Cox is finance editor for CNBC.com.

  • Lawrence Develingne

    Lawrence Delevingne is the ‘Big Money’ enterprise reporter for CNBC.com and NetNet.

  • Stephanie Landsman is one of the producers of "Fast Money."

Wall Street

  • Robert Shiller

    Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller says that his key valuation indicator is flashing warning signs.

  • Lael Brainard

    The Fed is in the early stages of an analysis on changes in bond market liquidity, amid signs that liquidity may be less resilient than in past.

  • Bill Gross

    Janus Capital acquired a majority interest in Kapstream Capital and said Kapstream's Palghat will support Bill Gross as co-portfolio manager of the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond strategy.