Colleen Kane

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Colleen Kane is a writer for CNBC.com covering luxury and unusual real estate as well as travel and other topics. Her essays and articles have appeared in The Oxford American, Bust, Spin, the anthology Madonna and Me, and in many other publications. She created the urban exploration website Abandoned Baton Rouge and more recently set her camera sights on the ruins of Borscht Belt resorts.

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    Fantasy Cars

    For most mortals, super cars, high-performance specialty cars, and ultra-luxury vehicles are the stuff of fantasy. But for a lucky few they are an expensive reality.

  • Apartments, suites, and cottages added on to a main home as additional living space are nothing new. They can be created from attics, basements, garages, additions, existing space in the home, or as freestanding structures. Many call them in-laws, since they often house an elderly parent; if they're for renters (or illegally built), they're called outlaws; and those ever-colorful bureaucrats call them ADUs (accessory dwelling units). In these post-recessional times, however, the in-law suite has

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  • Endangered Historic Mansions Friday, 1 Apr 2011 | 10:52 AM ET
    A mansion’s former grandeur and its historic significance are often not enough to save it from deteriorating beyond repair, or from a date with the wrecking ball. Preservationists may rally and circulate petitions, but it often boils down to cost—not just to purchase a troubled estate, but to restore it. Even when mansions of a certain age do have owners keen on preservation, the structures and their grounds have massive upkeep costs. For example, the owners of the circa-1896  in Oradell, NJ say

    The following structures, compiled using suggestions from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, have ties to tycoons, to the Carnegies, to the Titanic, to the Gilded Age.