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Colleen Kane

Colleen Kane
Special to CNBC.com

Colleen Kane is a writer for CNBC.com covering luxury and unusual real estate as well as travel and other topics. Her essays and articles have appeared in The Oxford American, Bust, Spin, the anthology Madonna and Me, and in many other publications. She created the urban exploration website Abandoned Baton Rouge and more recently set her camera sights on the ruins of Borscht Belt resorts.

Follow her on Twitter @colleenkane


  • Legacy Estates For Sale Wednesday, 16 Mar 2011 | 12:50 PM ET
    Back when being a millionaire still meant something, tycoons, barons, and old money-types procured and built grand palaces with their riches. Many of the most famous family estates are no longer occupied by the families that built them and are now open to the public, such as the Vanderbilts’ Biltmore, the Hearsts’ Hearst Castle, and the Rockefellers’ Kykuit. The aforementioned are big houses with names, built for big names. But today, family compounds and family estates don’t seem to get passed

    We rounded up some homes, compounds, and estates that have been in the same families (prominent and private) for generations, but which are now up for purchase on the market.

  • Time Warp Towns Friday, 11 Mar 2011 | 12:17 PM ET
    Time warp towns are those out-of-time discoveries that make for road trip gold: downtowns populated with of former Woolworths-turned- antiques booth malls, neon signs for Rheingold or Schaeffer, gingerbread detailing, town squares, monuments, cobblestones, and/or apple pie! The buildings where the local history was made are still standing, and if you squint it seems like you’ve gone back in time.  Consulting a few local experts including Wendy Van Hove of Roadside Wonders () as well as drawing f

    Time warp towns are those that make for road trip gold: the buildings where the local history was made are still standing, and if you squint it seems like you’ve gone back in time.

  • Luxurious Hotel Amenities Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 3:01 PM ET
    The wisdom goes at upscale hotels that “for money you can get anything,” notes Jan Freitag, vice president of STR, a provider of market analysis for the hotel industry. That is, anything within reason, Freitag says. He cited a legendary example of a very wealthy guest at a five-star property in Germany who wanted to rent out the entire local fair for his child—the hotel tried, but it was a request that was not within reason. That said, we've gathered examples of amenities and experiences that ar

    Here are some flourishes that hotel brands have added to distinguish their guest experience, including a few examples provided by TripAdvisor.com.