Lightning Round: Airgas, Costco, Teva Pharma and More

Annaly Capital : NLY is buy, Cramer said.

Teva Pharmaceutical : The overwhelming concern that competition would hurt Teva forced Cramer’s charitable trust to sell the stock. So he can’t recommend that viewers buy it now.

Lightning Round
Lightning Round   

Energy Transfer Partners : Cramer is bullish on ETP and its 7-percent dividend yield.

Airgas : Though the potential merger with Air Products is off the table, Cramer still thinks Airgas is a buy for its earnings potential. He recommended picking it up at $60-$61.

Molycorp : “This one is way too hot for me to handle,” Cramer said.

Xcel Energy : Cramer endorsed XEL, calling it a “terrific situation.”

Costco : Cramer thinks COST will pull back to $70 from $72. Investors should consider buying it at that lower level.

Diana Shipping : Cramer thinks the glut of ships in the tanker business makes it hard to recommend this stock.

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